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Artist: Babylonia
Title: Motel La Solitude

In brief: Well-produced electronic rock/pop from Italy, obviously influenced by DepMode

I don’t remember exactly where and how I first bumped into Babylonia. I probably heard their rather fantastic single “(If U Want) My Love” which spurred me into blind-buying their first album “Later Tonight v2.0″ from a German online retailer. I enjoyed the album immensely, especially “A Spreading Infection”, one of the v2.0′s extra tracks which was noticeably harder-hitting than the rest of the rather poppy, at times bordering on cheesy, album. In fact, it made such an impression on me that I had to contact the band. View full article »

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Artist: Depeche Mode
Title: Sounds of the Universe

In brief: The most boring album Depeche Mode has ever released.

First off, a bit of a disclaimer. If you’re a Depeche Mode fan, you might get a bit pissed off about what I have to say. You might even see me as a DM hater. If that sounds likely, you can feck right off. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass. View full article »

Woke up this morning in a world where the new Depeche Mode single, Wrong, was already doing rounds on the internet. DM fans were naturally creaming their pants all around the world. There’s nothing wrong (hah!) with that in itself – after all, I used to be part of that crowd myself. Any new material from DM was greeted with great enthusiasm, with not a sliver of critical thinking affecting my commentary. Once Alan Wilder departed, my mindless devotion was tempered with a healthy dose of cynicism, resulting in carefully measured optimism and wishful thinking. Every news of them going back to the studio sprang thoughts in the vein of “Oh, they’re going back to their synth roots this time… I hope”. It’s been a rather disappointing 14 years, I don’t mind telling you.

After their 2005 album, Playing The Angel, and especially after the dismal world tour that followed, I had pretty much given up on Depeche Mode. I couldn’t fathom them recording another album, much less a brilliant one. When the news of another album broke, my reaction was quite simply “Meh”. Then came the rumours. Martin spending a lot of money buying old analog synths on eBay; DM allegedly embracing their electronic past; the new logo and album art reminiscent of their Black Celebration era… and I have to admit getting my hopes up, again.

Only to have them smashed brutally against the rocks as the YouTube video of DM performing ‘Wrong’ live (as if!) on Echo Awards 2009 played on my screen for the first time. What…the…hell.. was that? Did they play a single B-side by accident? (And a poor B-side at that, I might add.) Seems to me the song consists of a bunch of verses without a chorus, unless the chorus was that bit where Gahan chants “WRONG!” a few times in FX-laden monotone. No, really, where’s the FRACKIN’ CHORUS?! FFS, honestly! Has Gore’s well of catchy choruses dried up this badly? Sure, the signs have been there for years but I hadn’t realized the situation was this dire.

Then there’s the production. It’s basically a rock song with growling synths on top. The funny thing is that I can hear a wall of synths there, but the song in whole doesn’t sound at all electronic. Is that a good thing? Not in my books. Much of the synths are simply random bleeps and squelches filling in the spectrum; there’s no proper melody there. Remember when their songs used to be filled with fantastic melodies played on solo synths?

The YouTube video managed to add insult to injury, too. I had been extremely disappointed with DM’s previous two world tours, referring to them as Monsters of Rock tours. Light on synths, heavy on guitars and live acoustic drums. I first saw DM live on the Black Celebration Tour: three guys behing synths, as it should be. Now it’s Gore strumming a guitar at the edge of the stage with a live drummer banging away like he’s auditioning for Metallica. This YT video showed there’s no change in their live set-up. That pretty much means Tour of the Universe will be the first Depeche Mode tour I won’t be attending in almost 25 years.


Most of you are probably already familiar with Spotify. For those of you who aren’t, Spotify is an online music streaming service – with a twist. View full article »

New single by Elegant Machinery!

Elegant Machinery, a legendary synthpop band hailing from Sweden, regrouped a while ago and started work on new material. First fruits of their labour are now here, in the form of a video for the forthcoming single “Feel The Silence”. Enjoy! View full article »

Kävin elokuun lopulla EMIn toimistolla kuuntelemassa Depeche Moden uuden albumin ja kirjoitin muistiinpanojeni perusteella linkistä löytyvän ennakkoarvostelun. Tekstissä on takuulla kirjoitus- ja kielioppivirheitä, mutten jaksa alkaa hieroa sitä julkaisukuntoon. Teen levystä arvostelun Soundiin ja teksti tulee löytymään saitiltakin jossain vaiheessa. View full article »